Shankari School

A Place To Realize

After spending on the edge of two decades in teaching the students, we have realized the real essence of education and thus felt the necessity of a school that instead of working with the books, works with the children and instead of making the students stressed and panic, makes them creative and self- reliant, SHANKARI came to its existence twelve years ago.


Founded and backed by acclaimed academicians and multidisciplinary professionals, the school is a collective venture of bridging the gap of wisdom and information. In alignment with the motto ‘learn to live’, we have opened a new portal for scientifically-structured and approach for teaching and learning that aims to transfer the humanity and fraternity. The major goals are inculcating the humane virtues and making the young hearts ready to face every challenge in order to show their gracious presence in the global platform. We are committed to giving every child a real live experience and providing the whole-child supports with a passionate love of learning. Our students have proven records of outstanding performances in all places, be it abode or abroad.