Holistic Education

The Governing Philosophy

Holistic education refers to a philosophy of teaching and learning in which a learner finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through the linkages to society, nature and humanitarian values.


As every child possesses enormous talent and huge potential with unique orientation, all children must be taught holistically where they are groomed in every possible way with a personalized teaching and humane touch. It helps them explore the world with the realization of their inherited qualities to meet the purpose of life.


With the realization that education is an art of indoctrinating every facet of a developing child inclusive of ethical, emotional, physical, and spiritual, rather than simply moulding them into future workers or citizens, so we have enclasped Holistic education at Shankari. Our approach to teaching addresses the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format.


Despite that everything, science and technology have facilitated our lives in many ways, we have so illuminated our lives in the outer world so firmly that the most basic access of the humanity has been robbed. Today, the aspect of our culture most harmed is education. In the earlier times, people used to have a sense of inner empathy with the spirit and the inner human being but we hardly can feel the true inner being in human. For educators, it is a MUST to understand that the outer expression is the manifestation of inner experience of a children to be able to educate them properly. All educations and teachings must spring from the fountain of real knowledge of the human being. The Education must bridge of the human body, the human soul, and the human spirit and thus the real education demands the knowledge of need and nature of the children. The true knowledge of being human is primarily being aware of the things in and around the people because everything we encounter with in our day to day life generates a particular type of impulse within us and every impulse leads to the action. So in order to get better future social agents that will work the betterment of the whole humankind today is the high time for decedents to teach them with the holistic education so that they understand the fabric of the nature and become a whole humane person of tomorrow.