Learning to Learn

at Shankari

Our Curriculum

We follow the Holistic Curriculum. Abided by the spirit of national curriculum, it emphasizes on imparting education for living a whole humane life with 21st century skills. We want to nurture a curiosity that goes beyond the formal curriculum, and a love for learning that stays with the student through life. It aims to prepare the students as the real hero, the honest, committed and creative leaders.

Festooned with latest technologies, the major attributes of the curriculum are-
  • A balanced, integrated approach that fosters interconnected academics, creative thinking and expression, and spiritual, physical and social development.
  • Academics learned in the context of real life and culture, with a focus on application;
  • Emphasis on human values – teaching and modelling cooperation, justice, compassion and responsibility.


Few integral components of our curriculum

School; Parents & Society Partnership

Educating children is a sensitive job that requires the knowledge of various components of the nature and their interrelationship and thus, demands a cumulative effort from parents, teachers and society. Given this, the school always works hand in hand with parents and the society. The close partnership between home and school is one of the exceptional strengths at our school and thus, has been one of the hallmarks to Shankari’s institutional philosophy.
Education must encourage a child to explore his/her real self and prepare him/her to become a responsible citizen to get ready in order to serve others generously. Education is truly a social concern. We believe that every society has its own culture that either has to be preserved or improved. The school socializes young people into the basic values of society and makes them familiar with the essential similarities that collective lives demand and thus, develops a sense of commitment to the social groups. Exposure of the society not only help children understand the tradition and customs but also prepares them as social agents ready to contribute to the society in all possible ways with the sense of national pride in the global platform.
Shankari works conjointly with the parents to build skills and knowledge, reinforce values, and develop a strong sense of self- worth of children. We ask parents for frequent visits to the school so that even better roadmap can be formulated for the effective learning.


Educational Tour

We have fully recognized the importance of educational tours to the students. It not only strengthens the collaboration among the students but also makes them understand the social and cultural diversity of various places. Since educational tours enhance problem solving skills and help in making students independent learners, educational tours are very important events of every academic year.


Seminar and Workshop

Seminars and workshops are always important components of education as they help students acquire adequate knowledge in the relevant fields and provide them a platform to assemble together and share their ideas, thoughts, and views related to the topics. They are also found to be very effective in enhancing the proficiency in verbal communication and confidence level in the students. The seminars are conducted by teachers, mentors, and visiting/guest lecturers and experts.


Co-curricular activities

Since co-curricular activities are intended to bring social & intellectual and skills moral & ethical values, they are the fundamental parts of our school and are the mandatory for every student to participate in. Co-curricular activities are structured and balanced with the school’s holistic curriculum so that every student gets the opportunity to learn beyond studies.
The co-curricular activities include:
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Taekwondo
  • Scout
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Craft
  • Value class
  • Library
  • Computer
  • Speakers’ Club
  • Lab Activities
  • Mental Maths
  • Second Language (French/Chinese)
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Literature Club
  • Field Visits
  • Many other social occasions & activities


Health Camp/Medication

The school frequently organizes Health Camp and Medication programme in collaboration with various professional health institutions. It helps to maintain the health of students and make them aware of it.



Assessment is a vital part of the teachers’ tasks in the classroom. Our teachers continually assess each child’s progress and achievement in order to plan the next stages in the development of the child’s learning according to his/her needs. The teachers will be assessing each child in a variety of ways that generally include:
  • observations of how the child is learning and undertaking tasks
  • discussion with the child
  • consideration of the child’s work
  • specific tests and tasks used across the Year Group


School Meals

The school offers three meals a day (i.e. Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks) to all the students. All meals are prepared in school’s cafeteria by professional chefs under hygienic conditions and are served in homey atmosphere. The quality of food is sincerely checked on a regular interval.



Shankari offers door- to -door transportation service to all the needy students within the valley. All our school vehicles are comfortable and reliable.


Our Facilities

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