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(A school pioneering in the Holistic Education philosophy)
We provide an exceptional education in an environment that challenges all students and fosters their innate potentials. Our students have respect for themselves each other and their school are well-prepared to face the world as compassionate, confident, joyful and resilient young people. We want to see them as ethical leaders, prepared well to contribute to the society and humankind. We believe the children educated under holistic education philosophy will be:

Holistic Education

The Governing Philosophy

Holistic education refers to a philosophy of teaching and learning in which a learner finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through the linkages to society, nature and humanitarian values.   As every child possesses enormous talent and huge potential with unique orientation, all children must be taught holistically where they are groomed in every possible way with a personalized teaching and humane touch. It helps them explore the world with the realization of their inherited qualities to meet the purpose of life.  

Shankari School

A Place To Realize

After spending on the edge of two decades in teaching the students, we have realized the real essence of education and thus felt the necessity of a school that instead of working with the books, works with the children and instead of making the students stressed and panic, makes them creative and self- reliant, SHANKARI came to its existence twelve years ago.

Vision and Mission


Shankari envisions a utopia of academic excellence and hence, to meet this end, commits itself to cultivating and promoting well-cultured, autonomous, self-reliant, self-aware and morally responsible young hearts. Moreover, this institution seeks to instil in these hearts some rare traits such as versatility and exceptional calibre along with the values imparted through the pedagogical tools and insights. Given this, in sync with the same mission, Shankari wishes to materialize its vision of guaranteeing holistic education.

Learning to Learn

at Shankari

If Applying for a

School Place

Even though we have the classes from grades I to X, admission is mainly granted in Grade I only [(sometimes we offer very limited number of admissions in other Grades (II-VIII) if there are the vacancies in the classes]. Our admissions office opens every year in Mid-February for the following academic session that starts from mid-April and finishes no later than the first week of May. Entrance tests are held a few months prior to the new session. The dates are posted on our website.

Board of


Bidur Adhikari
Executive Chairperson

(Former Lecturer in Biology, St. Xavier's College)

Madan Rana
Vice Chairperson

(Executive Member of Nepal Golf Association)

Deepak Sharma
Spiritual Leader and Socialist

Madhav Dulal

Lok Rai

Former Lecturer in Economics , Okhaldhunga Campus

Dinkar Shrestha

Dr. Nawaraj Khatiwada

BE (Civil), ME and Deng (Environment) (Advisor, Environmental Education, Strategic Planning)

Sangeeta Shrestha

Lecturer in Chemistry, St. Xavier's College and Ullens School, IB Program

Indra Kafle
Vice-principal, PUBOHSS

Indira Priyadarshika Thapa

Former Lecturer in Biology, St. Xavier's College

Vinita Adhikari